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About Us

Our Pedagogy

We believe that children are unique and learn in different ways, influenced by Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence, we aim to identify and provide different teaching methods to help children develop. By encouraging and scaffolding children’s learning (Jerome Bruner) and by using praise and rewarding positive behavior (skinner) we are committed to help children strive.


Outdoor Play

Outdoor is an important part in our teaching.  We believe that nature and the natural environment has a definite and positive role in the education of children. Natural environments are diverse, flexible and support wide variety of play. It provides rich opportunities to support individual and group physical, mental and emotional health.

Outdoor is a space where children can engage in their imagination, curiosity and creativity. A space where they develop gross motor skills, become confident and learn to take risks in a controlled environment. Children can access our two spacious outdoor areas freely and we encourage climbing trees and exploring the environment, as well as planting and growing.

“Learning through adventure, risk and challenge helps children develop a rich array of abilities, skills and understanding to cope, problem solve and make informed choices”(Kathryn Solly 2015)


Key Person System

Your child will be allocated a keyperson when he/she first starts. The key person will be your first point of contact at the preschool and will be responsible for individual planning of your child. Parents will have meetings with the key person twice a year, you are welcome to make an appointment any time throughout the year with the key person if you wish to discuss any issues you may have regarding your child’s progress.


During the year we visit the local park and have nature walks in the adjoining recreation grounds.
You will be requested to complete a consent form before your child starts at the setting.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

There is a separate section in the registration form where you inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements your child might have. No responsibility will be taken if you fail to inform us regarding any allergies.


All medication needs to come in it’s original container, and needs to be handed to a member of staff in the morning. You will be requested to complete a consent form for the administration of medication before your child starts at the setting.


You will be requested to complete a consent form regarding photos taken of your child, these will only be used for observations and used on the preschool displays.


Please inform the preschool on the first morning of your child’s absence due to illness (phone / text 07931 267863).
Please inform the preschool of holidays as soon as you are able.

If a child has sickness or diarrhoea the child should be kept at home for 48 hours before returning to preschool.